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Is your dog really happy?

Does your dog eat scraps off the street, lunge at or bark at other dogs, pull or tug when you walk? Do you have to cross the street when other dogs are near? Do you have a dog walker who really exercises your dog?, or are they talking, texting,tweeting or emailing on their phones while they walk your loved one? Are they chit chatting with others while your dog stands around being bored & not burning any of that excess energy or frustration off? If all you want is for your dog to use the bathroom, then maybe your satisfied with your current walker or walkers. If your like me and you want the very best for your dog/dogs and you want them to be truly happy and satisfied, then its time to make a change for the better. Time to act now! I curb all your dogs aggressive and bad behavior traits. With power discipline cardio walks your dog will learn the proper way to walk down the street, and in turn you too will own the skills to continue and reform you best friend from these bad habits. Why spend a boat load of money on dog trainers?, unless your trainer is going to walk your dog everyday. The only right way to reform your dogs bad habits are with continuity walking. I don't talk,text, tweet or email while we are walking, nor do we stop and chit chat with others. When your dog is with me they will learn not to eat off the street, lunge or bark at other dogs, they will also learn how to socialize with other dogs etc. When they are with me they are "in school" and we will work on curbing any and all their bad habits while exercising and burning off all that excess energy. We stay until the bell rings and class is dismissed. Dogs are our best friends, so lets take the steps to ensure that they are getting all their needs in the proper way. Over 10 years of experience, and a healthy list of references. It's time you did whats right for your dog, wouldn't he/she do that for you?

Sunday, April 18, 2010

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Twitter for your dog!, are you freaking kidding me!!!!

Enough already with these useless pet gadgets!
How about spending more than 5 minutes with your dog.

Useless Gadget alert!!!

story via:

Power Generating Dog Leash

In about six months or more, you can obtain this wonderful gem.
Although I'm against the whole retractable leash society. This leash does seem to have a useful purpose other than tripping fellow pedestrians on any given NYC sidewalk.(That's another story)
here is the link:

My Pet Speaker

"My Pet Speaker transforms your personal music library into pet-friendly tunes that soothe and relax dogs, cats, horses, and their people."
For only $250 you can now turn all of your REO Speedwagon, or Slayer Cd's into something that won't annoy your pets.

useless gadget alert!!!!

here is the link:

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Great NEWS Doggie owners!!!!
HERE is something you need!!!!! (if your lazy)

Oh joy, oh joy I can't wait to get this awesome gadget! and guess what I'ts only $19.95!
why use my brain?, when I can just use another useless pet gadget?

from their website:

A consistent schedule is one of the most important things in your dog's life. Meals, walks, and medications need to happen on a regular basis. Since most dog's live in a shared responsibility environment, it's often difficult to keep track of all the things that make up your dog's schedule. now with the revolutionary dog-e-minder, all of these things can be tracked in an easy, convenient way. plus you never have to look far... it's always with your dog!

You want to run out, or I mean line up and order this?

well here is the url:

maybe soon this amazing product will be on sale at Bed Bath & Beyond, as it seems they stock pile all these. useless "As seen on TV" products to empty your wallet and fill your closet.