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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Journey Home, Tales of Chocolate Labradors Adventure, part 1

This morning my K-9 friend had a Benji-Esq journey around Manhattan.

Simba, the Chocolate Lab woke up, like he did on any other day. He and his parents were going to Central Park for their morning walk. It was cold and blistery as it has been most days this winter. Simba is a dog who loves to smell everything, and I do mean everything! He will (if you let him) smell every inch of any given Manhattan block.

Morning time, time to go to the park! Simba communicates to his humans, OK, OK let’s go boy....

yippeeeeeeeee thought Simba, this was going to be a wonderful day.

The air was crisp and clean, the fog rolling from his breath, Simba decides to smell the wonderful new winter flowers that had mysteriously decided to bloom.

Ah what's that smell?

I don't know these flowers.. SNIFF, SNIFF... NO I don’t recognize that scent. Maybe if I take my time I can identify it....


I believe these flowers have grown here cuz it’s seeds have been flown from another region.. SNIFF, SNIFF... BOSTON, SNIFF, SNIFF,... TEXAS?

Oh yes, it’s via a Tennessee sparrow, and these flowers are called.........

Holly Crap!!!!

Two Brutus type German Shepard's have suddenly appeared and are charging and displaying bad energy towards me.... I’m a good pup with great calm and balanced energy, they wont bother me!

OK back to these wonderful smelling flowers. OK, I got it, these flowers are called Cro.......


said the two German Shepard's.. “Vat r u doin here Lab? Dis is our territory you svine!

Oh Gunther, let’s teach him a lesson, said the young pup. Yah, dis is a goode idea said Adolf!!! Should we consult our human first, asked Gunther?

Nine, Nine!!!! barked Adolf!! I’m in charge of dis here operation! Besides our human svine is a few cards short of a full deck!



Stay tuned, tomorrow as we will bring you our next exciting chapter from our courageous hero's day...

Next Chapter.....

“Rumble at Wollman Rink”

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